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Are you facing overwhelming debt? Losing sleep due to bills? Creditors making harassing calls? Facing foreclosure of your home? Whether you are a homeowner trying to save your home, or a business owner facing financial distress, we can help protect your rights. 

If you or someone you know is facing these difficulties, call today for a free consultation.  Bankruptcy can be a tool for a business, family farmer or family fisherman to get “back on track” and reorganize; bankruptcy could possibly be the means to save your home when facing mounting debt or foreclosure.  Find out if bankruptcy can help you solve your financial problems. Attorney Gardner has been handling bankruptcy cases and related litigation since 1989.

The Gardner Law Firm provides experienced and compassionate handling as this is a difficult economic time in anyone’s personal life or professional career.  We represent debtors in Chapter 7 (liquidation), Chapter 13 (consumers), Chapter 11 (business or individuals), and Chapter 12 (family farmer or fisherman). The Gardner Law Firm also represents creditors, Creditors Committees in Chapter 11 cases, and can defend or initiate adversary proceedings before the Bankruptcy Court.

In addition to having achieved multiple published decisions in bankruptcy cases she has litigated, Attorney Gardner received the American Jurisprudence Award in Advanced Bankruptcy Studies, has authored educational publications on the subject of Bankruptcy for the NJ Institute of Continuing Legal Education, has authored articles for the NJ Law Journal regarding Bankruptcy, and has served as Circuit Summary Writer to the Federal Bar Association regarding bankruptcy cases in the First Circuit for national circulation.



Gardner Law Firm handles lawsuits for individuals or businesses in the State or Federal Court.  Attorney Gardner is admitted and active before the Federal District Courts and State Superior Courts in New Jersey, Massachusetts and New Hampshire; and, also is admitted to practice before the First Circuit and Third Circuit Courts of Appeals.


Business Court

Gardner Law Firm provides representation before New Hampshire’s Business Court. Having served as a partner in a law firm as well as Executive Vice President & Corporate Counsel for a national paper company, Attorney Gardner brings a depth of experience to the realm of business representation and commercial litigation.


Attorney Gardner will provide mediation services under the NH Superior Court’s Rule 170 program, or provide private mediation, having received her certificate in the state’s Rule 170 mediation training program.  Attorney Gardner has also served on the Newmarket Personnel Advisory Board to aid in personnel disputes.  While litigation is often inevitable in many circumstances, the parties may avoid the continued costs of litigation through negotiation with the aid of a neutral mediator. Since many cases settle and do not proceed to trial, the path of mediation is a serious avenue for litigants to pursue as early as possible in the life of a lawsuit.


Condo or

Gardner Law Firm represents common interest organizations or individual homeowners in matters related to Condominium Associations, Homeowner’s Associations or Community Associations. Attorney Gardner is a member of the Community Associations Institute (NH Chapter) and has served as both President and Director for a large community association in Newmarket, NH.



The Gardner Law Firm provides Notary services.


Gardner Law Firm hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday - Friday, but we can be flexible to accommodate your scheduling needs.  “Your business is our business”.

Gardner Law Firm accepts credit cards for payment in most cases

Billing rates provided upon request.

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